The kids need…

One of the things we heard most often in our community listening was that North Liberty needs more for children and youth – especially things that are free or low cost.  This week a group is coming together to take action in the area of children and youth.  They are meeting at 5:30 pm on July 15 at Life Church (625 Mead Drive) .  They will be getting to know each other and talking about what our community could do to provide more for children and youth.  If you want to be part of this action group or just want to see what they are talking about, we would love to have you there!

Getting the word out

The Communications group is getting started!  We have a first meeting scheduled on July 2 at 6 pm at First United Methodist Church (85 N Jones Blvd).  Our focus will be on helping people know what is going on in North Liberty – activities, opportunities, and needs.  The discussion will be around what currently exists, what would make it better (changes or new approaches), and how to make that happen.

If you are interested in helping, let us know, or just show on on July 2.

On our way…

We had two community gatherings last week.  The turnout was small (12 and 6 people), but we had some great discussions!  The same ideas are coming up and generating a lot of interest and enthusiasm, so we know that we are on the right track.  Given that getting people together in large groups doesn’t seem to work, we are going to take a couple of approaches going forward:

We are going to select a few of the focus areas named so far and start making plans for action.  Broadly, the focus area are:

  • Free activities for children and youth
  • Transportation
  • Free activities for seniors
  • Neighborhood-centered recreation and action
  • Centralized communication of opportunities and needs

We will engage the people who have already attended gatherings and have an interest in pursuing one of the above focus areas.  For more details on the focus areas and the groups that are forming around them, see our Act page.

We will also have more gatherings with targeted groups, such as service clubs, neighborhood organizations, and churches to spread the word and recruit more participants.  Groups will get to choose which of the focus areas they want to discuss.

Let’s get together and make a difference in North Liberty!

What do you love about our community? What do you think would make North Liberty a better place to live?  How could we do that together?

After a year of listening in our community, it is time to gather all interested parties together – individuals, churches, community groups, and organizations – to share our ideas and explore how we can take those ideas from a vision to a reality.  Join us at one or two city-wide gatherings on

  • May 29, 6pm to 9pm at the North Liberty Community Center
  • May 31, 9am to noon at the North Liberty Community Center

Our evening gathering will include a light supper with sandwiches, veggies, and drinks. Our morning gathering will include coffee and snacks.  If you have questions, please contact Judy McRoberts at


A number of people have spent the last year following God’s call to find ways to serve our community better.  We started by listening to community members about what they think North Liberty needs to make it a better place to live.  We feel that it is time to gather people together to look at what people said and hear what those who are gathered are interested in doing in response.  We have started with several gatherings in churches and soon will expand to several community gatherings.   We welcome your feedback and would love to have you join us at one of the gatherings!